[Custom Stickers and Personalized Labels]

Label Daddy provides a variety of stickers for all purposes. With the option to personalize your own stickers with both names and logos, Label Daddy is ideal for both children and adults. Whether you need to label personal items such as camp equipment or clothing, our stickers will stick to almost anything. Our products are super durable, outlasting heat, water, and the outdoor elements.
For sports enthusiasts, we have you covered with our licensed logos from MLB, NBA and NHL. There’s no better way to show off your bragging rights by showing off your team’s logo!

We also provide quick shipping which is guaranteed to arrive within 5 business days. Contact us within 30 days for return authorization if you aren’t completely satisfied with our products - don’t worry, we are sure you’ll love your new labels.

[Custom Clothing Labels and Tags]

Keeping tabs on your children’s clothing can be hard so eliminate the hassle with our personalized clothing labels. School uniforms can often get muddled up or misplaced which can easily be solved with our straightforward customization process online. Choose your own colour and design with our pre-made images so your child’s clothing stands out from the rest!      

Options for clothing packs include:

  • 75 Extra Small Clothing Labels (0.85" x 0.47")
  • 225 Extra Small Clothing Labels (0.85" x 0.47")
  • 24 Shoe Labels (1.76" x 1.21" Oval)

[Name Labels]

Label Daddy’s online store gives you the ability to sample and view what your new customized labels will look like with your name, contact details and optional logo! Formatted in different shapes with a variety of colours, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. Our name labels are suitable for household items like water bottles and containers. Name labels also look marvellous on stationary, adding a burst of colour and ensuring you never lose a thing again!

The use for name labels extends beyond home- our bag labels are a must for those of you with the travel bug. You’ll never lose sight of your bags again with our bright, colourful labels. Alternatively, our bag label will make a great addition to your child’s backpack and make them stand out from the others at school.  

The Classic Combo pack includes:

  • 75 Extra Small Clothing Labels (0.85" x 0.47")
  • 80 Small All Purpose Labels (1.59" x 0.39")
  • 50 Medium All Purpose Labels (1.99" x 0.49")

The Bag Tag pack includes:

  • 8 Bag Tags (3.89" x 2.48")

[Waterproof Labels]

Many labels on our site are waterproof, ensuring a durable and long lasting sticker. This makes them ideal for clothing going through the washing machine or cleaning dishes in the dishwasher. Our labels can be exposed not only to water but harsh elements such as heat, moisture, and chemicals. Whatever you throw at our stickers, Label Daddy guarantees they’ll withstand the test

[Allergy Labels]

If your children have allergies, you will understand how careful you have to be when sending them to school. With Label Daddy’s Allergy label pack, you can boldly notify teachers, nannies, and other parents to any allergies your child might have. Perfect for sticking on lunch boxes or food containers, the allergy labels are personalized with your child’s name along with the item(s) they are allergic to and an emergency contact number. Eliminate any worries you have by ordering your allergy pack today!  

The Allergy label pack includes:

  • 20 Round Allergy Labels (2.06" Round)

[Iron On Labels]

Iron On Labels are coming soon! Check back later for more details.