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New to Label Daddy? We created our products with you,
the parents, in mind! Our labels are guaranteed to save
you money, save you time and save you from losing your
mind. Our Stick-On Labels are easy to use and are Dad-Approved for durability. Watch our commercial to learn
about our products and  how to use them. 
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Label Daddy has been US parents' #1 choice for camps and school labels for over a decade. We offer quality-designed, washable, peel-and-stick personalised labels for school, camp, preschool, daycare, sports and more! Label Daddy Labels were created with you, the parents, in mind. We bet you came here cause you are tired of wasting money on lost stuff. No more lost items with our waterproof, ultra durable name stickers.

School Labels

One of our most popular label collections is our school label collection. Our personalised name labels for school are the perfect solution to keep your kids' items out of the lost and found. School labels can be used to label small school supplies, notebooks, binders, jackets, lunch boxes, water bottles and more.

We make labelling fun for kids too! Kids can customise their name labels with hundreds of designs, fonts and colours to choose from and make their label uniquely their own.

Preschool and Daycare Labels

Keep your child's items together at preschool and daycare with our adorable name labels. No more mix-ups or lost items. Label everything from shoes, to lunchboxes, to bottles, to snack containers and more. Our quality washable name labels have stylish and playful designs while still being very easy to read and practical. Our name labels are laundry, dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. Customise your labels today.